The Seoul Agenda

A set of goals for the development of arts education world-wide

In 2011, the countries in UNESCO agreed to use the Seoul Agenda as a normative reference for the development of Arts Education world-wide.

The Seoul Agenda is a set of three overall goals and a comprehensive action plan for Arts Education formulated in May 2010, when UNESCO organized the second World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul, South Korea. The conference gathered more than 650 international experts from across the world.  

» Download or open the ‘Seoul Agenda’ in PDF-format here: Seoul_Agenda_EN.pdf


Three goals

The three main goals from the Seoul Agenda are also the main goals of CICLO:

  • Improve access  – CICLO: To better students’, schools’ and teachers’ access to arts education.
  • Improve qualityCICLO: To strengthen the quality of arts education in methods, art-school meeting,  use of internet and performances/exhibitions.
  • Address social and cultural global challenges – CICLO: To re-imagine the social and cultural challenge of sustainability in the future local and global context

The aim of CICLO 2014 is thus founded in UNESCO’s arts education goals which were formulated in the Seoul Agenda.  In addition CICLO will contribute to reaching these goals by being part of the UNESCO Arts Education week 2014.