CICLO at Arts Education Week in 2014: Time plan

Time plan

July–November 2013: Clarification of regional sub-themes, venues, concept, timing, budget in cooperation with experienced international creative manager and regional partners

December 2013: Final decisions on programmes, dates, concepts, budgets

January-March 2014: Regional producers pre-plan production in cooperation with international creative manager

April-May 2014: Production


The performances and exhibitions will be produced by the regional partners in the four countries in cooperation with an overall facilitating creative manager with experience in producing large scale simultaneous arts and culture events united by a global occasion and theme.


Students have achieved learning objectives, in particular regarding the performative.

Students, teachers and artists have contributed to addressing social and cultural challenges of the world through arts education.

Teachers/schools, artists/cultural institutions and the venue/region have built new cooperation and networks locally and globally

Target groups

The performers/producers in the region: the students/children, artists, teachers, managers

The audience: peer students/children and teachers from schools, family and community members

Representatives from the region working with culture, creative industries, environment and sustainability (political, government, education/culture, civil society, companies, foundations, etc)

The media


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