CICLO is an international arts education project taking place in Rio, Brazil, DenmarkSt Petersburg, Russia and Cape Town, South Africa.

The aim of the project is to give school children the competences to handle the enormous amounts of changes that are going to happen in the world in the decades to come and in the children’s lifetime.

The project revolves around the themes sustainability, re-imagining my “hood” and new technologies (Internet technology, blogs, social media and viral communication)

Cyclical and holistic
The name CICLO comes from the Portuguese word for ‘cycle’ and refers to the cyclical and holistic elements embedded in art, learning and sustainability, which are key elements of the project. The cyclical element is also reflected in the logo of the project.

The CICLO project collaborates with schools and partners from the field of arts and culture on helping the school children to:

– Use creativity and aesthetic learning processes to find new solutions
– Use communication and the internet to collaborate across societies and borders
– Create cultural understanding with and between cultures
– Create engagement around sustainable solutions and values

These are important competences for children in the world now and in the future to come.

Købke i sydafrika billedecollage 1

(Photos from Kasper Heron Købke’s workshops in Cape Town in March 2014)


Video from CICLO 2012 in Rio de Janeiro

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