CICLO Conference 2013

The objectives of the conference were to inspire and strengthen the participants in:

  • Daily practice of Arts Education in primary and lower secondary schools, including coopera­tion between public schools and cultural institutions/artists and international cooperation
  • Engaging in future collaborations, in particular CICLO 2014


The conference had over 150 participants. From Denmark the conference included a key note from the Minister of Culture and participants included largely school teachers, headmasters, municipal school authorities, artists and researchers.

From Brazil, Russia and South Africa, the CICLO partners Cidade das Artes, Anichkov Palace of youth Creativity, and Frank Joubert Art Center attended.

Keynote speaker Professor Dr Ernst Wagner from the UNESCO – chair in Arts and Culture in education, Erlangen – Nurnberg University in Germany, set the frame for goals and evaluations and future projects.

Workshops and discussions of central themes regarding the 2014 project:

1. CICLO Programmes in schools: Music, movement and visual communication.

The cultural encounter between artists and the children: How can the artist and communicator contribute to education/pedagogy?

2. The Performative and international artistic exchange

Mogens Christensen, Professor of Music Communication and Composition, The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark.

3. International cooperation over the Internet and Pedagogy: How to foster Cultural Exchange over the Internet Kirsten Anttila, Master in Pedagogy, Coordinator of international internet-based collaboration projects in public schools, European School Project, since 1987.

4. International Exchange of Experience – Cultural Encounters, Dialogue and Experience

Musician Peter Rønn and Musician and representative of the arts education program Segundo Turno Cultural, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

5. Arts Education & Globalisation: International Experiences

Introduction by Arts Education managers and teachers from China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa also participating in CICLO 2014.

Discussion of the intercultural differences between Denmark, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa in practicing arts education in the classroom.

6. What’s next? / Future Perspectives

“Next Step” with Nils-Georg Lundberg, Danish National Commission for UNESCO Q&A’s Artistic intervention.

The goal of the CICLO conference was to discuss how it is possible to lift the work with Arts Education in the Danish schools, hereunder the collaboration between schools and cultural institutions. Furthermore the conference was held to establish new partnerships for the development of Arts Education and CICLO 2014.

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