Casper Mikkelsen & Martin Rauff

’Compost’ is a part of CICLO 14 with the project ‘photosynthesis’.


Compost is a duo consisting of Casper Mikkelsen and Martin Rauff. The project ‘Photosynthesis’ tries to gather all the threads from the scientific and humanistic understandings of the concept sustainability in a playful experience created and transformed by the participants. The individual’s part of the community is understood as a facet of sustainability which means that improvisation and collaboration is in the front seat when sound and images are brought together in CICLO Sorø.

Inspired by the methods of the DJ-culture, ‘Compost’ uses live compositions of limited loops and melody fragments accompanied by hand-played musical passages and visual expressions combined in a structure improvised by the participating arts educators. The smallest parts of the video- and music-arrangements are thought of as information ‘nodes’ (or rather ‘raw material’ in a sustainability context) which can be combined in a variety of expressions according to setting and arrangement. The ‘raw material’ has a natural diversity. Some of it is pre-produced by the arts educators and other parts – especially a large part of the visual expressions – are created in close corporation with the children and teachers combining everything into the creation of the final work. 


Casper Mikkelsen is a musician and has studied at The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Southern Denmark (Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium) from 2003 to 2009 with Ed Thigpen, Morten Lund and Martin Andersen. In addition, he has studied a semester abroad at Drummers Collective in the spring of 2008 with Ian Froman, Peter Retzlaff, Leroy Kleuden and Guy Licatta.

Among others, he is wholly or partly participating in AUDIOGRAF, The KutiMangoes, Jacob Fischer Blues Trio, Uhrban Stöjband, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Melodio, Signe Juhl Kvartet, Casper & de Venlige Venner and has played with Magnus fra Gaarden, CallMeKat, Chris Cheek (USA), Pee Wee Ellis (USA), Lars Jansson, Erik Clausen, Thomas Vinding, Per Vers, Finn Ziegler, Thomas Franck, Sinne Eeg, Kjeld Lauritsen.


Martin Rauff is a story-teller and musician. He holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen and is an educated bass player from BIT, London (graduated with a Gold Diploma and the recognition ‘Bassist of the Year’). He has worked professionally with communication and development since the late 1990s and has, among other things, produced TV for children at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, created trading-card games in the US and done music and books. Sustainability issues has been a part of his professional work during the last couple of months, as he has been working the ‘Komiteen for etablering af KRAFT’ which seeks to realize a vision about the creation of tourist destination solely based on sustainable ideas.

Martin Rauff

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