Louise Seloy and Christian Gade Bjerrum

Louise Seloy and Christian Gade Bjerrum are the artists working with the classes in Kalundborg Municipality having South Africa as twinning country.

Louise Seloy & Christian Gade Bjerrum

The project is build upon the Mayan Indian understanding of the connection between nature and human beings. Both arts educators take a great interest in the Mayan Indian traditions and lifestyles which are especially build upon solidarity, communication and sustainability. It is important that children understand the significance of being part of a community in which you listen to each other, help each other and inspire each other. Without this solidarity, creating something in a sustainability perspective is out of reach.

Louise and Christian will introduce different ceremonies and traditions for the students in order to create a better connection between each student and between the students and nature. The aim is to let the students experience a personal relationship with nature which they are a part of. By creating a stronger bond with nature, the students will feel more inclined to protect it and more conscious about the notion of sustainability. Simultaneously, by creating a stronger bond between the students, there will hopefully emerge a sustainable community in the class. Each student has to personify one object from nature i.e. one student can choose a tree and then she has to tell the story of the tree. The narrating can be either physical or verbal. Louise and Christian will bring together all the narratives and expressions in a joint performance.


Louise Seloy is a dancer and choreographer educated at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She has worked with children and youths and movement since her graduation in 1999. In 2000, she travelled to Boston and taught at a summer camp for children coming from low-income families around Boston and New York. “It whetted my appetite and became the beginning of my later engagement with ‘Dans i Nordvest’ in Copenhagen. In 2001, I moved back to Denmark and engaged me in Holbæk Theater working with Pia Jette Hansen on different theater projects for youths and amateurs. In 2004, I began working at ‘Dans I Nordvest’ and Uppercut Dancing Theater which has brought me across Denmark and other countries with dance theater performances for children and youths.” She has simultaneously been teaching and working with children and youths through ‘Dans i Uddannelse/Dansekonsulenterne’ which has different project such as ‘Danseballaden’ and ‘Dans for børn’ (‘Dance for children’). In 2012, she participated in the creation of ‘Skammerens Datter’ which is a Danish musical play for children from the age of nine and up at Østre Gasværk. In addition, she participated in the creation of ‘Skammerens Datter 2’ during 2013.


Christian Gade Bjerrum is an educated actor from the Skuespillerskolen (Academy of Acting) at Århus Teater. In 2009, Christian did a clown-performance for children, Mr. Green Circus, which toured Denmark. He has also been to Nigeria where he performed his clown-performance for children at the age of 5-16. With the deepest respect for children, he seeks out children’s spontaneous and inspiring approach to life in his work as a yoga teacher and as an actor.


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