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Our hood – the beach

Stranden Amar

Lately there has been more focus on children, architecture and design.  More and more schools are including architecture and design in their education, children and youngsters are able to attend architecture lessons in their spare time at The Children’s Culture House Ama’r and at The Danish Architecture Centre, and the ministry of culture as well as the ministry of education is looking into implementing architecture in school education.

At The Children’s Culture House Ama’r the children are surrounded by architecture of high quality – a building design and process children have been taking part in.

The sense of space and design is strengthened, when we are implementing our physical surroundings. By giving children an understanding of their physical surroundings right from their own bedroom, their school to the open city space and their culture house, we are giving them qualifications to take part in the debate regarding our surroundings and the ability to come up with their architectural and design solutions for the future.


This year’s CICLO theme is ‘our neighborhood’. How does the theme affect the children? What does it mean to them? Does it strengthen the community to have a ‘hood’? And what characterizes ‘our hood’? With his year’s theme the students will be working in a large scale as well as in a smaller scale regarding architecture and design.


The Children’s Culture House Ama’r is participating in CICLO with the beach as ‘our hood’. The beach is for everybody. All children know the beach either from trips to the beach with their families or school outings to the summer culture days of the children’s culture house.

Amager Beach Park has been transformed by an exciting and interesting development regarding landscape architecture as well as design. The beach park contains a lot of different activities and relaxation zones, and it has become easy to the reach the beach by Metro.

Our hood – project description

Everything is possible when we are working on ‘our hood’ – the beach – as this year’s CICLO project. What if the students were to decide the future of the beach park?  As part of the project the students will be looking into how to strengthen the community e.g. do we need more pavilions to hang out? Or perhaps new activities? Is it possible to move the school to the beach – or onto the water? Can we utilize the sand, the water and the air in an innovative way? And is it possible to use the beach all year round?

The school classes will be building a landscape model including their proposals as well as a model of a new design e.g. furniture design.


The materials consist of recycled materials such as cardboard from the local supermarket, lids from their school milk, other plastic packaging etc. adding more traditionally model materials such as foam board, wood and scale figures.

Implementing architecture and design

It is possible to implement architecture and design in most school subjects. E.g. practical mathematics when we are using scale in the model workshop, Danish, when the students are describing their projects, English in the dialog with a class from another country part of the CICLO project, nature- and technique, exploring the landscape and fauna of the beach and last but not least arts.


Nild Regout – product designer   IMG_4052

Nild Regout is director of Children’s Culture House Ama´r – an innovative cultural centre for children established by the Municipality of Copenhagen and recently awarded for its architecture and for its openness to and involvement of the children in the designing and lay-out of the new buildings.

Nild Regout started and developed Children’s Culture House in 1994 as the first Children’s Culture House in Denmark.

The design and the architecture of the new Culture House, which was inaugurated in  2013, is to a great extent based on the ideas and wishes of the children.

Nild Regout has been involved in the entire process of the developing of the Culture House in close contact with the architects to ensure that the house would comply with the ideas and wishes of the children.

As the director of the Culture House Nild Regout supports and facilitates the art teachers and is responsible for the developing of networks as well as for the developing and maintenance of national and international relations.

As a Master of Design Nild Regout also is attached to the CICLO project in Copenhagen as teacher and artist/designer.


  • Master of Design from  NHIBS – Antwerpen.
  • Cultural innovator course, Copenhagen
  • Bachelor in leadership, art and culture, University College Sjælland


  • Director of Children’s Culture House Ama´r since 1994.
  • Supervisor of a great number of cultures projects for children.
  • Since 1995 Project Manager and developer of widespread culture project including all kinds of arts during the summer holidays at the beach of Amager, Copenhagen.
  • Product designer at the institute for visual handicapped children, Spermalie in Brugge Belgium: Designer of toys for visual handicapped children and developer of toy library De Piepbal for visual handicapped children.

+45 26 56 09 14, + 45 23 84 44 88,

Nild i sydafrika

Nild Regout at a CICLO workshop in Cape Town (March 2014)


Julie Dufour Wiese –  Children, architecture and design © Foto: Jens Hemmel     

Architect maa – Copenhagen Denmark

 Julie Dufour Wiese has many years of training in educating children and youngsters in architecture and design at The Children’s House of Culture Ama’r, The Danish Architecture Centre, The Danish Society of Engineers, Farum Art School, as well as school projects around the Copenhagen Region including cross border projects with La Palma in Spain and Sidney, Australia.

As a freelancer Julie is also developing and facilitating family workshops on the subject children and architecture at Danish culture institutions as well as Rigshospitalet, the main hospital in Copenhagen targeting hospitalized children.


Julie Dufour Wiese is a qualified architect maa from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Kingston University School of Architecture, project management, University of Southern Denmark, as well as trade and culture consultant within the Øresund Region.

Past jobs

Project Manager at CPH City & Port Development, architect at Powell Moya Partnership, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Inc. and John Pawson, London.


+45 20 75 17 33


Julie Dufour Wiese at a CICLO workshop in Cape Town (March 2014)

(Photo from Cape Town by Julie Dufour Wiese)

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  1. Nild and Julie Workshop “architectur and design” at Frank Joubert art Center in Cape Town. The children are designing their “dreams” for the beach.

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