Elena Matuhina

Elena Matuhina

I’m from Saint Petersburg. During my childhood I came to the Palace and studied here at Art Studio. It determined my life; I graduated from SPb State Art-Industry Academy, department Industrial Design.

Today I work as an artist-teacher at this Art- studio, besides I’m also the member of Children’s Creativity Coordination Council at SPb Artist Union. Of course I participated in many different exhibitions and various projects.

Partnership in CICLO:

Cyclicity is an universal form of movement in nature and society.

We live in the world of large and small cycles of endless repetitions, or nearly what has already happened before. The Day gives way to Night, and then again next day, but that’s another new day, yesterday’s gone forever. Yes, they are similar, but they are also different. Similarly, the changing of each spring, summer, autumn, winter happen and then all over again.

Naturally, the ‘cyclic changes’ everywhere exert on human and animals.

The basis of any cyclic process is the presence of opposites or contradictions. For example, the nature opposites can be day – night, winter – summer, heat- cold, rain- drought, attraction – repulsion, action-reaction, etc. For living organisms, it may be breath or sleep-wake, life and death. Interactions of the opposites are considered to be the developing source or  any changes in materials and spiritual phenomena of nature.

Art by Elena Matuhina

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