Marina Pavlova

Pavlova MarinaYears ago I was a graduating student of our Palace of Youth Creativity. Then I decided to enter to High Art-Industry College and later graduated it.

From 1982 I’ve been working as an artist- teacher at different places, but always they are creativity for youth. I’m  the member of Youth department at SPb Artist Union.

I participated in many exhibitions and shows:

-Gallery “Northwind” – St. Petersburg; “the Spring Exhibition”-Artists Union, St. Petersburg.

– “Christmas Exhibition”- Fyodor Dostoyevsky Museum; “Music in the visual arts”- St. Petersburg; ” Triumph of Life .” teachers’ exhibition- Artists Union, St. Petersburg.

-“Autumn exhibition”; ” Leningrad – St. Petersburg. Leningradites – Petersburgec.”; Exhibition of book graphics. Gallery “Watercolor”, St. Petersburg; The exhibition ” Poetry in art .”

–  Jerusalem. Exhibition graphics “30 years later.”

The latest are:

Exhibition ” ZOOKultura 2011″. St. Petersburg.

Exhibition “Muse Palace .” Anichkov Palace , St. Petersburg .

In 2012 – Personal exhibition ” Master. Craftsman. Dilettante.”

My students graduated from secondary and higher educational professional institutions:

  • St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy
  • St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
  • St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts
  • Northwest Institute Seal of the St. Petersburg
  • University of Technology and Design
  • St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy
  • Saint- Petersburg State University and etc.


Art by Marina Pavlova

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