Nadia Meschankina-Awad

Nadia Meschankina-Awad 4I was born in Leningrad, graduated the Lyceum of traditional Russian culture as a porcelain painter.

Then I worked at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory. 10 years later graduated SPb State Academy of Art and Industry, Department of Ceramics and Glass.

I’m a member of the Artists Union of Russia.

Since 2005 to 2009 I was working as a lecturer at the department of “Arts and Crafts” at State University of Service & Economy in SPb.

I participate in local, regional and international exhibitions and ceramic workshops. My creative works are in the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy Museum, Russian State Museum, Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum, in State Museum of Art in Kirov, in local museum in Urzhum and in some private collections in Russia and abroad.

At the present time I teach children and teens at Fine Arts Studio of St. Petersburg state city “Palace of Youth Creativity”.  And it’s the oldest art studio here, founded in 1937.

Several words about my major exhibitions:

  • 1988. – Porcelain exhibition of young artists of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements, Silver Medal
  • 1996. – International Theatre Festival “Baltic House” contest prizes
  • 1999. – «Work-Shop-Mascum», a student symposium Mascum, Netherlands
  • 1999. – «Park of Future», Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1999 to 2003. – International Festival “Master Class”
  • 2003. – “Youth of Russia” Moscow
  • 2003. – «Stiftung Kunstlerdonf Schorringer» exhibition of entries ceramic department SKS Holland
  • 2005. – “The Image of Women” grant competition for educators, museums, children’s art, Denmark
  • 2005. – Personal exhibition of graphics, Library Center Pontifract, West Yorkshir, UK
  • 2007 – 2011. – The international exhibition “Ceramics & Glasses in the landscape” Elaginoostrovsky Museum of Glass, St. Petersburg
  • 2012 – “Vasnetsov plein air 2012”, Kirov
  • 2013 – “Vasnetsov plein air 2013” , Yrzhum
  • 2013 – Spring  Exhibition at Hall of  Artists Union of Russia
  • 2013 –  ”Masculine and feminine”,  ceramics exhibition, Riga, Latvia

I took part in some simposiums:  “Student symposium” in  Amsterdam & Mascum, Netherlands; “ The Second International ceramic symposium”, Ryabovo, Kirov region; VII All-Russian “Vasnetsov plein air”; “III Ceramic Symposium” in Urzhum, Kirov region; “Masculine and feminine ceramics“, Zvartava, Latvia; “Novigation V”, Symposium at Small Form Ceramics, Ventspils, Latvia.

Also my children and I have many different projects and now we are happy to have such opportunity to take part in CICLO collaboration.

Works by Nadia Meschankina-Awad:

Nadia Meschankina-Awad 3Nadia Meschankina-Awad 2Nadia Meschankina-Awad 1Nadia Meschankina-Awad 5


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