“Into the Sun” final CICLO event in Cape Town

In Cape Town they performed their final show called “Into the Sun” last week. The performance tells the story of two children that leave their home to find a solution to the problems of pollution and crime in their communities. The story weaves together different genre of traditional and contemporary music, poetry and movement. The students have been involved on every level in this performance from making instruments and composing music to writing the poetry. This piece was performed by the Grade 7 group of the Steenberg Primary School and singers from the Oaklands High Schools.

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Teacher Nicolette Frank writes about the project and Steenberg performers:

“ Creative Arts had irreversibly infused them (the children) a sense of achievement and accomplishment!! That was the CICLO dream – for communities to reinvent their hoods. (Through this performance ) it had suddenly become tangible. It is my sincere hope that this initiative will be a catalyst for more permanent and meaningful change in South Africa…

The Grade 7’children have inspired me to continue my passion, which is to develop young minds, nourish souls and network globally for the benefit of the planet..”


People involved in making the show happen: 

  • The Pollution Song and Vuvukwaito Steenberg Primary
  •  Musical arrangement by Pedro Espi-Sanchiz
  • Led by musician and dancer Zama Qambi in the performance
  • Trumpet – Khaya Mduzuwana
  •  Song for the Living – Oaklands Singers
  • Musical Score and lyrics by Marc Hendricks
  • Musical Arrangement and backing track by Amanda Tiffin
  •  Story and Direction by Liesl Hartman, Head: Frank Joubert Art Centre & Chair: Ibhabhathane
  •  Set Design by the students from the B.E.S.T. Centre (puppets) and Wynberg High School learners (boxes)
  •  Poetry by Nonthutuzelo Ncasa, Grade 9, Oaklands High School
  •  Technical Lighting and Sound – Wynberg High  School
  •  Poster Design: Jeremiah Tshinyama Grade 11 Communication Design, Frank Joubert Art CentrePlakat fra Sydafrika

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