November 2013

CICLO 2014 – a project description from The Danish Cultural Institute’s newsletter in November 2013

Creativity, Culture and Sustainabiliy

CICLO 2014 is an international collaboration between schools and creative institutions in Denmark, Brazil, South Africa and Russia. The project is aimed at children in the age group 10-12 years, based on the experience of a successful Danish – Brazilian pilot project in 2012.

In 2013, the pilot project was followed by an international conference in Copenhagen, which offered important input from the Danish Minister of Culture and UNESCO, as well as extensive discussions with partners in Denmark, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

CICLO 2014 aims to contribute to achieving UNESCO Arts Education objectives as formulated in Seoul Agenda Goals for the Development of Arts Education:

– To improve access to arts education

– To improve the quality of arts education

– To meet the cultural and social challenges the world is facing through arts education

The aims are to inspire schools to make use of the many resources offered in arts education, for example, involve artists in the classroom and develop learning methods involving aesthetic learning processes and point to the importance of creativity for learning, innovation, languages ​​and international cooperation.

Bilateral Exchange

CICLO’s activities are built around 2-3 months of Arts Education teaching 48 classes and educational groups – half in Denmark and half in Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and St. Petersburg.  The schools in CICLO 2014 are cooperating in a bilateral exchange between the 24 classes in Denmark and 24 classes from Russia, Brazil and South Africa. The 24 Danish classes will be “partner class” with a class from Russia, Brazil or South Africa.

The arts education programme in the schools will be integrated with Internet school collaboration, where students from the countries – who do not speak the same native language – will learn about each other and share their creative achievements from their arts education classes.

Re-imagining my future

The subtitle of the project is “Hood – re- imagining my future” (Neighborhood). The reason for the this title is a hope that the children, through creative expression, will  gain a heightened awareness of their own immediate environment and culture and at the same time learn how to creatively communicate this to their partner class. This will also give the children an insight into how children their own age are living in other parts of the world. This virtual exchange aims to strengthen the children’s intercultural and communication skills, promote understanding of other cultures and fasten awareness of their own culture and their familiar surroundings.

UNESCO Arts Education Week

CICLO 2014 culminates in five performances / exhibitions as part at the UNESCO Arts Education Week 19th – 23rd May 2014 in Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and St. Petersburg. School children will here, with the support of artists, present their creative work to an audience of other children, parents, community and media.