About CICLO’s educational material

The basic draft material will be prepared in English. This material will be translated to Danish, Portuguese and Russian and adapted for use locally in Cape Town in South Africa, Copenhagen and seven other cities in Denmark, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and St. Petersburg in Russia.

The adaption will be done locally, and concerns all sections, and to amend/refer to locally available materials and ideas.

The material is used:

– For training taking place between December 2013 and February 2014 in the project and in other training events.

– As resource for teachers for preparation of classes and in the teaching period.

Target groups
The material is produced with regard to being used by teachers teaching students in the target schools, but other teachers, who can benefit, are also invited to read and use it.


• February 2014:  Material is uploaded and available on CICLO website in Danish, English, Portuguese and Russian.

Production and management
Overall production is organized by LMS in Denmark in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Education, the Danish Cultural Institute and CICLO partners in Brazil, Russia and South Africa.