What is Arts Education teaching materials?

Arts Education in a didactical context

Teaching is normally defined as a relation between three factors:

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The didactical triangle

These factors are the elements in the so-called didactical triangle.

In Arts Education the didactical thinking is expanded with the introduction of the artist or the work-of-art coming to play an important role in education.

This can be illustrated by the below model where the artist is integrated and related to all the other parts.

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Working with Arts Education implies an artistic approach where art is a part of the subject to be taught, and a factor influencing the learning process itself.

UNESCO and Arts Education
UNESCO is an abbreviation of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.  Arts Education is connected to both the educational and cultural dimension and was initiated at the World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006, and followed by the Seoul Conference in Korea in 2010.

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