Internet school collaboration

The CICLO Internet school collaboration is a bilateral exchange between students in 24 classes in Denmark and 24 classes/extra curricular groups in St. Petersburg, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. The collaboration is facilitated by teachers assigned with the role as ‘Internet Contact-Teachers’.

Each of the 24 Danish school classes will be twinned with one of the schools’ classes or extra curricular groups in either St. Petersburg, Cape Town or Rio de Janeiro.

The twinning will be managed by an ‘Internet Contact-Teacher’ who is responsible for the Internet exchange, and who is able to communicate in English. In total, 48 Internet Contact-Teachers will be covering the four countries by running this task.

Since some schools do not have access to the Internet, all communication via Internet as part of the joined project will go via the Internet Contact-Teachers.

Twinned school classes in direct Internet-contact
The Internet Contact-Teachers in the twinned schools may decide to allow the students to communicate directly over the Internet in addition, but this will then be an activity outside of the project’s core framework.

Non-verbal creative expressions
Students in all the four regions speak different languages and only a few may be able to communicate in English. As such, the idea is to use non-verbal creative expressions (photos, drawings, videos, etc) as much as possible as the means of communication.

The Internet Contact-Teachers will help with a text in English to provide explanation and a context to the expressions.

The Internet Contact-Teachers – which means all teachers in the project who are assigned with responsibility for CICLO’s Internet school collaboration – have a closed group forum on for discussions and coordination between themselves.

» If you have been assigned as an Internet Contact-Teachers recently and have not yet received an invitation to join the group forum, then contact us.

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