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FUN FACTS about Denmark

What are the most popular food and candy for kids in Denmark?

In Denmark, we have many dishes which characterises our country or our part of the country.

Here are some Danish dishes:

– Click on the different menus to find pictures and recipes

During the Christmas holidays, we eat goose or roast pork with potatoes, gravy, sugar-browned potatoes and red cabbage. As dessert we eat rice porridge with cherry sauce.

We also like Candy. Especially HARIBO – a combination of fruit gum and liquorice. Strong liquorice is also a favourite in Denmark. Chips – especially cheese pops – is also a favourite. We prefer “Kim’s” which is a Danish chips brand.

What do you call the people who live in Denmark?


What do the kids watch on TV?

In Denmark, we have different children channels that show cartoons and similar things. Many of the Danish children have the Disney Channel. We also like to see X-factor (a talent show for amateur singers) which runs in Denmark at the moment.

Do you have a special monument or something that everyone relates to your city?

The Little Mermaid,  Amalienborg Palace (the Queen’s residence in Copenhagen/the Danish Royal Palace)the Round Tower. Many of the famous monuments can be found in Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark

– Click on the names of the monuments to see pictures and read more about them.

(Source 4th and 5th grade at Øster Starup Skole)

Collage of favorite food from 4.c at Pedersborg Skole

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pedersborg 4 b 2

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