Facts about Russia and St. Petersburg



FACTS about St. Petersburg


FUN FACTS about St. Petersburg:

What is the most popular food and candy for kids?

All the children they like fast-food, pancakes and any kind of cakes, chocolate and lollipop – “cockalorum” most of all.

Is there a special name for a person coming from/living in St. Petersburg?

Usually we are called “Piterets” or “Petersburgets”

What is the city’s brand?

White nights and drawbridges

Do you have a special monument or something that everyone relates to your city?  

Absolutely, we have really many well-known places, but the most recognizable: monument of Peter the Great, known as “The Bronze Horseman”The Peter and Paul Fortress and the bridge ‘Gryphons’

– click on the name of the monuments to see pictures and read more

(Source: Kids from St. petersburg city Palace of Youth Creativity (Anichkov Palace))

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