Overview projects in Denmark

CICLO 2014
Artists and activities in Denmark

Artists work with schools during April and May 2014 and help the pupils create expressions on sustainability.
Local performances and exhibitions:  All take place in week 20.
Grand finale event:  Takes place in week 21.

Artists:  Marcela Lucatelli (musician) & Marluze Santos Da Cruz von Holstein-Ratlou (choreographer/dancer).
Schools:  Vejlebroskolen, Strandgårdskolen.
Project keywords:  Consumption, rain forest/paper, possibilities in limitation.
International partner:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Artists:  Louise Seloy (dancer/coreographer) & Christian Gade Bjerrum (actor).
Schools:  Skolen på Herredsåsen, Løve Skole.
Project keywords:  Sustainability starts with our own attitude, listen to stories in nature and express them through dance and drama for creating a performance.
International partner:  Cape Town, South Africa.

Artists:  Nild Regout (designer) & Julie Dufour Wiese (architect).
Schools:  Two schools placed on Amager.
Project keywords:  Working with architecture and design.
International partner:  Cape Town, South Africa.

Artists:  Casper Mikkelsen (musician) & Martin Rauff (storyteller, musician).
Schools:  Pedersborg Skole, Holbergskolen.
Project keywords:  Photosynthesis, four elements, learning by performing.
International partner:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & St. Petersburg, Russia

Artists:  Christian Schrøder (actor) & Pernille Bach (visual artist).
Schools:  Skibet Skole, Øster Starup Skole.
Project keywords:  Ice sculpture, drama.
International partner:  St. Petersburg, Russia.