Overview projects in St. Petersburg

CICLO 2014
Artists and activities in St. Petersburg

Artists work with schools during April and May 2014 and help the pupils create expressions on sustainability.

In St. Petersburg the activities will happen at St. Petersburg city Palace of Youth Creativity (Anichkov Palace), an establishment that creates extracurricular art-activities for children.


St. Petersburg city Palace of Youth Creativity (Anichkov Palace)
Artists:  Marina Pavlova, Elena Matyukhina, Victoriay Grosu, Nadia Meshchankina-Awad & Olga Mamontova
Project keywords:  Art, seasons, the change of seasons and cycles, annual cycle, infinity, regularity, relationship, life
International partner: Vejle, Denmark.


Artists: Galina Bukareva, Larissa Ahonen & Anna Zigern – Korn.
Project keywords: Puppet Theatre
International partner:
Vejle, Denmark.



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