Nucleo de Artes Culture Centre in Rio de Janeiro

In 2014 Núcleo de Arte Professor Albert Einstein, Art Center Albert Einstein, welcomes the CICLO project. This year we collaborate with Cadu Cecinelli and Warley Goulart from the Carpets Storytellers group and Daniela Spielmanns music workshop, in order to develop the project.

The music workshop
The music workshop
The workshop Carpets Storytellers
The workshop Carpets Storytellers

The two groups collaborate on creating a story in accordance with the participating children’s dreams, goals and visions of the world in which they live. Together they create a carpet and a soundtrack. This year’s theme is “Water”.

In order to follow the project you only have to visit the blogs on the CICLO website.

Now we will take a closer look at Núcleo de Artes.

Art Center Albert Einstein is located in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, which has implemented offers of different afterschool activities for their students.

Therefore children aged 8-16 from the area have the opportunity to explore different artistic abilities such as theatre, dance, music, visual art and movies. The activities objectives are to influence and develop the student, both in order to teach him about the practical side of creation and production, but also to teach the student about the role of the spectator and thereby create a critical audience, through participation in different setups.

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With a focus on sustainability and the education of ecological citizens, the Art Center Albert Einstein renovated a 200 m2 storage room that until this point only was used to store chairs and tables, and created a beautiful auditorium instead. The children converted old paint buckets into spotlights. As with all other activities in the different workshops the teachers tried to emphasize the importance of recycling. In the workshops this for example is done by using recycled paper and letting the children make mobiles out of recyclable objects and materials, by transforming PET plastic bottles into musical instruments etc.

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On the cultural stage, Art Center Albert Einstein is situated right beside Fundação Cidade das Artes which is the biggest cultural center in Rio de Janeiro. Here there is, among other things, stages for theatrical performances, different workshops and study halls. Because of its focus on art and education, the complex has a program filled with artistic and literary activities, targeting children and students as well as families and other participants. A Cidade Literária, the litterary part of the complex, tries to facilitate the access to culture by for example having activities that are open to all and free of charge.

In collaboration with Cidade das Artes, Art Center Albert Einstein has participated in the art complex´activities and program, and in this way they reuse and practice the skills they acquire in the workshops.

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Art Center Albert Einstein is situated close to Barra da Tijuca beach, the biggest beach in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is 18 km long and a part of it is a nature reserve. Because of the big and powerful waves that characterize the area, surfing and bodyboarding are the most popular sports in Barra da Tijuca.

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