Pedersborg Skole 4.c

Class 4.c from Pedersborg Skole

The class’ ”hood”

In Sorø and Pedersborg, there is a lot of nature. Woods with big trees and many big impressive lakes. It is very quit and calm surroundings. There is a lot of spare time activities including scouts, different ball games (handball, soccer etc.) a water activities using the lakes. Sorø is also known for its science centre donated by Mærsk to Sorø Akademi. In Sorø, there is also a museum of history and one with focus on art. We all think that there are a lot of children to play with in the neighbourhood surrounding our homes and there are also many nice play grounds.

Our Hood: We live in the Northern part of Sorø which is called Pedersborg. The town is named after a castle – Peders Borg (Peter’s Castle) – which was located on the hill where the church is located now. It was protected by a lake and marsh on the one side and moat on the other. Pedersborg has many legends. Today, Pedersborg is a town grown together with Sorø. There are both old houses and entirely new-built neighbourhoods. It is a lovely place with green surroundings. It is very calm and quiet.

In Pedersborg, there are many old people living but also families with small children. There is one school – Pedersborg Skole – which we attend.

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