Holbergskolen 5.c

Our class is 5.c at Holbergskolen which is a small public school in Dianalund. At the school, there is around 600 students. We are 18 students in our class, and we are all born in Denmark.

Most of us live in Dianalund city but some of us also live outside the city or other small towns.  Most of us only have a maximum of 10 kilometres to school. There are 5,000 people living in Dianalund and the city consists of terraced houses, apartments and small detached houses. 

In Dianalund city, there are many houses and trees and a lake. In the countryside surrounding Dianalund, there are many fields and forests.

In our class, we do a lot of sport. Most of the boys play soccer others play handball, karate, cycling, badminton or are boy scouts. The girls take riding lessons, plays soccer, handball and other sports. The boys also play a lot of computer, Playstation and x-box. The girls are mostly playing ipad.

Photos of our school:

5 c. holbergskolen 1 5 c Holbergskolen 4 5 c holbergskolen 3

5 c holbergskolen 2


We have a paper bucket for recycling paper in the class and water dispensers in the water taps. We also have a recycling station in Dianalund where they sort the garbage so new things from the recycled trash.

Photos of our paper bucket and Dianalund recycling station:

5 c holbergskolen 6 5 c holbergskolen 5

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