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Environment, recycling and sustainability

At our school, we have used old shoes and chairs for art projects and we have light sensors which turns the light off in the class rooms, if there is no movement from us.

In our changing rooms, the shower heads have timers which turn off the water after a couple of minutes and then you have to turn it on again, if you haven’t finished your shower.

Here you see at yarn project where the product is made of yarn remnants:

løve skole2

Here you see recycling containers at our village pond:

løve skole3

Here you see our shoe and chair project:

løve skole4

Løve School       

At Løve-Ørslev School, there are 101 students and it is a public school.

The school does not have many students which makes it easier to get friends from other the other classes.

At Løve School, we have the classes 4th, 5th and 6th grade. The pre-school classes until 3rd grade is located at a school in the city of Ørslev which is located about eight km from Løve School. Often, the two schools are united and perform many different activities together.

Kasper lives four km from the school
Alma lives one km from the school
Sarah lives six km from the schoolløve skole5
Magnus lives two km from the school

løve skole7

We live in the western part of Zealand or to be more precise Løve and the surrounding neighbourhood. In Løve, there are only one sports club and the Danish youth organisation 4H which gathers children with an interest in nature, animals, gardens and cooking. We have a mill that celebrates Christmas with a Christmas market every year.

We also have a rose grower which is located west to our school. It has been visited many times by the Danish Queen’s mother.

We are happy to attend Løve School. Almost all of the students go by bus to school in the morning e.g. Ida lives ten km from the school. The school covers an area of ten to 15 km.

In the 5th grade, most of the student live in the city of Høng.

løve skole6

Kind regards,

The students in 4th and 5th grade at Løve-Ørslev School


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