Øster Starup Skole 5th grade

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1) The class’ “hood”

We live in a small village community with one elementary school.

We have a grocery store where we can buy regular convenience goods.

The town has a continuation school, an inn and a kindergarten.

The town has two churches.

The town only has a few stores like a pizzeria, the grocery store and a machine shop.

The town has 1354 inhabitants.

Around the town, there are many fields. The town has regular city houses, not any high-rise blocks, but many farmhouses surround the town.

Our town has a strong sense of solidarity and solid spirit of community.

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2) The school

Most of the students bicycle to school, as it is not very far from their homes. Those students who live farthest off have about 6 km from their home to the school.

The school has about 250 students.

The school focuses on healthy living.

At the school, we have a small shop which the 5th grades run this year.

The school spans from preschool classes to 9th grade.

We have the possibility to play in our spare time.

Almost everybody knows everybody at our school.

The school has good outdoor facilities among others football pitches, a ramp, two play grounds, a beach volley court and a basketball court.

We have about 26 class hours a week.

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3) Environment, recycling and sustainability

We have a large container for paper and cardboard.

We sort the garbage in black and green bags. Black for inorganic and green for organic.

The town has garbage trucks going through the town collecting all the garbage.

At the school, our play grounds are made of wood and not plastic!!!

At the school, we learn about recycling, garbage and so on. Among others, we have a garbage project in the 4th grades’ science and technology classes.

Sometimes, we help each other to clean the school’s grounds by collecting garbage and so on.

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