Øster Starup Skole 4th grade

1) The class’ ”hood”

In our “hood”, there is a lot of nature. There are many different animals and not that much traffic, as the school is located in the country. We have a cosy area with many play grounds and activities. We have sports halls, football pitches, golf courses and other sport activities. Many of the students travels with the school bus to school.

Pictures and drawings of ”the hood”:

Øster Starup 4.6Øster Starup 4.5

Øster Starup 4.2

 2) The school

Our school is a health-promoting school which means that we focus on health and movement. The school has about 265 students. In our class, there are many good friends. We have a large class room.  We are 28 students – 14 girls and 14 boys. We have good teachers. We have a creative before- and after-school care which we attend after school hours.

Many students live close to the school and bicycle back and forth. Some of them live at the surrounding farmhouses and travels with the school bus to school.

øster starup4.11øster starup 4.7

Øster Starup 4.1


3) Environment, recycling and sustainability

We sort the garbage. Sometimes, we help each other to keep the school’s grounds clean by collecting garbage. We also have containers for glass, cardboard and clothes. Our school receives money when the containers are emptied.

Øster starup 4.4øster starup 4.10

 øster starup 4.3

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