Skibet Skole

Dear friends all over,
This is class 4th North and 5th North of Skibet school near Vejle in Denmark:

Skibet skoleskibet skole2


Facts about us:

We are 21 pupils in class 4th North from age 10-11 and 22 pupils in class 5th North from age 11-12. We are very happy pupils who like to play football, play computer games, being with friends and of course we like our small town and our school. We think we are very lucky, that we are able to participate in this exciting project with all of you 🙂

In Denmark we eat food from all over the world. Children of our age love burgers, pizzas and nachos but we also eat traditional Danish food such as “rugbrød” (very dark and healthy bread). Candy and cakes are only allowed in school when someone has birthday. It is very popular to bake cakes yourself and to bring lollipops.

Our Hood:

Skibet is a very small town not very far from a bigger town called Vejle. There are not any shops in Skibet, therefore we drive to Vejle (7 km.) to go shopping. There is a great mall there with all kinds of shops. The gathering place of Skibet is the gym hall, where we do all kinds of sports in our spare time.

skibet skole3It is very easy to visit friends from school, because there isn´t much traffic in Skibet and we don´t live that far from each other. The nature surrounding Skibet is very beautiful with hills, meadows and streams. We use the nature nearby quite a lot in the school time because it is right outside our door.

Skibet skole11Almost everybody in Skibet live in their own house because there aren´t really any flats here. This is a typical house in Skibet:

skibet skole4


Our school:

Skibet school has 421 pupils. The school is divided in two sections: The main school and the centre for pupils with special needs. Our two classes belong to the main school – the classes in the centre are much smaller, because the pupils there need piece and quiet. Most of us live quite close to the school – those who aren´t travels but bus to school. We have a lot of playgrounds and fields around the school therefore we are outside in all our breaks to get exercise:

skibet skole5


The environment:

In our school we think a lot about the environment. We have been part of a “green” project for 15 years, so now we think we are fully educated and are able to continue on our own!

We have these three items in our plan being a “green” school:

1: We separate different kinds of litter in the classrooms:
    Biological litter goes in the green bag.
The rest goes in the black bag.

skibet skole6

2: We separate garbage in the common areas to be able to recycle:
Paper goes in the yellow garbage bin.
The rest goes in the blue garbage bin.

skibet skole 12

3: We collect litter on the school grounds once a week.

skibet skole9


We would really like to do more in our two classes to make sure that we take care of the environment. We are going to work on these three initatives:

1: Remember to turn of the light in the classrooms when we leave!

skibet skole 13

2: We bring our lunch in boxes and not bags!

skibet skole10


3: We walk or bike to school instead of going by car!

skibet skole 15skibet skole16



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