We live in Ishøj which is close to Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. Denmark is a small country with approximately 5,5 million people, a lot of coastline, a royal family and the highest point in Denmark is 170 meters above sea level. We live in a residential area with many apartments that are made of bricks. In Denmark we have dogs, cats and guinea pigs as pets. They live inside the houses alongside humans. We have many green areas, great places for shopping, car-free pathways. Ishøj is also close to the ocean.

Our school is called Strandgårdskolen, it is a public school, and it’s free to attend it. It is a school where movement, healthy food and fun things for children are in focus. Strandgårdskolen has just been completely renovated so now we have nice new buildings. We have a cafeteria where we can buy food every day. A sandwich costs 15 kr. The school has a big gymnasium and great playgrounds and soccer fields. At the school we have children from many countries, for example Pakistan, Turkey, Iceland, India, Lebanon, Brazil, Greenland, Denmark and Morocco.

In our hood we have solar panels on the roofs that collect heat from the sun and provide electricity for us. We sort our waste into glass, paper and food. We recycle clothes in our families and what we don’t give to someone else in the family, we collect in containers and send to poor countries. We pass our electronic devices on to friends and family and when they don’t work anymore we drop them off at one of the many recycling centers. At the recycling centers we sort our trash, so we can recycle it in the best possible way. Plastic for example becomes new plastic. We also have many trash cans and free bags for picking up dogshit when people walk their dogs.

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