We live in Denmark, which is a small country in northern Europe. We live in a small city called Ishoj situated near our capital city, Copenhagen. Our school is called Vejlebroskolen. It is a school with 398 pupils spread on ten year groups.

We are two 5th grade classes with 39 pupils, 16 girls and 23 boys. In our classes we have children with many different nationalities; Danish, Icelandic, Turkish, Moroccan and Pakistani.

Our school has a profile; The school in motion. So every day you can see pupils doing mathematics or grammar etc. in the school yard.

The most famous thing about our city is the modern art museum called The Ark, because it looks like an ark, and it is placed near the beach.

By the way; did you know that the world’s most famous double bass jazz musician, named Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, lived in Ishoj. And the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Smith, was born in Ishoj – and she went to this school!

Every year the community arranges a competition, which is called Clean city nice city. It is a competition for school children, where they, through art, show how to take care of the environment. The competition ends with a great exhibition at the town hall.

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