St. Petersburg city Palace of Youth Creativity (Anichkov Palace)

Presentations of the extra curricular groups from St. Petersburg city Palace of Youth Creativity (Anichkov Palace).



Group 1. Teacher/Artist Marina Pavlova
Our CICLO theme: “Seasons”.

The group consists of 15 children aged 11-12. All children are from different schools and districts. They’ve engaged in the studio for 3-4 years.

It’s their favorite affair, but their interests are also various: many children are engaged in music, dance, chess, biology.

Classes are held in the studio, in the open air (practice) and during walks and trips.


Group 2. Teacher/Artist  Elena Matyukhina
Our CICLO theme: “Seasons” (the change of seasons and cycles, annual cycle, infinity, regularity, relationship, life)

Group are boys and girls from 10 to 12 years old. These are children who love creativity and they come into the studio after classes from different schools of St. Petersburg. In our ART studio they begin to study since 6-7 years old. We talk a lot, we paint, we work with graphic materials, sticking paper and sculpt in clay, go out the open air, participate in exhibitions and competitions.

Besides training in fine arts studio guys have a lot of other hobbies – a sport, and the music and dancing, and foreign languages​​, etc.


Group 3. Teacher/Artist  Victoriay Grosu
Our CICLO theme: “Seasons”.

10 – 12 years old guys study in this group. This is the fourth or sixth year of studying, they improve their skills, during this period is also determined their own style and priorities in the technique and genre. In our art studio they have opportunity to work in different image, painting techniques, using a variety of art materials. They also sculpt from clay and plastic, decorate various items. For many of them the studying in the art studio that means to choose  their future profession.


Group 4. Teacher/Artist Nadia Meshchankina-Awad
The children aged 10 – 12 years. They start studying in our art studio usually at aged 5-7 years old.They are very interested and creative children with strong artistic abilities. Parents bring them to our studio from different areas of the city, even from the surrounding suburbs, because our fine arts studio the most famous and oldest in St. Petersburg and is located in the historic center of the city. For many children this is the one of the reason to come to the old town and admire its beauty.

Nadia Rusland1

The Children come to the art studio for new impressions, for the ability to communicate with like-minded – the same creative, artistically gifted children, they come for artistic and friendly atmosphere.

Nadia Rusland 7 Nadia Rusland 3

I love my boys and girls, and they reciprocate my feeling and make friends each other, we talk a lot, discuss their questions, draw gouache, pastels, pencils…. sculpt clay, go to museums and exhibitions. And in spring, when our city becomes amazingly beautiful, we go to the open-air, draw in the streets, in parks and gardens of the city.

Beside all this, they are very actively involved in exhibitions, competitions and interesting projects, like this one.

Nadia Rusland 2 Nadia Rusland 4


Group 5. Teacher/Artist Olga Mamontova
The group: 18 children, aged 11-12 years old.

Olga Mamontova9 Olga Mamontova16

Our classes are after school, that is, the children come to Art studio after classes in their schools. Classes are held twice a week – on Wednesdays and Fridays. Our lesson lasts 2 hours. Group is formed from “artistically-gifted” children. These are the children who love to draw, have certain abilities, want to be engaged in in-depth pictorial activity and some of them are planning to connect their future professional life with art.
As a part of our overall theme (“Seasons”) group was offered the following tasks:

  • “The tree in the wind.” Watercolor, crumpled kraft paper .
  •  ” Autumn Dream “
  • ” Winter Gardens”

Olga Mamontova1 Olga Mamontova5


Puppet Theatre

Group 1. Teacher Galina Bukareva
These kids are engaged in a model children’s puppet theater of “St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity “for 3 years. This group, where age is 10-11 years old.

The Pupils of my group work with the folding screen dolls and the tablet dolls, as well as with various objects, fabrics creating calisthenics, dramatic and musical sketches and miniatures. Also the members of my group are engaged in scenic speech, calisthenics and working in the workroom. They develop sketches and make puppets, props and decor for their performances.


Group 2.  Teacher Larissa Ahonen
These children are average group of a model children’s puppet theatre of “St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity”. They are from 10 to 12 years old and they are practicing in the theater for 4 years.

At the classroom the children study such disciplines as actor skills, stage speech, calisthenics, certainly they sing and get acquainted with the secrets of making theater puppets, props and decor. They are very responsible and creative in all their tasks. The result of each studying year is presenting a new play to the audience.


Group 3. Teacher Anna Zigern – Korn
Kids at the age of 10 to 12 years are junior repertory group of a model children’s puppet theater of “St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity”. They are involved in the theater for 6 years.

In the classroom they learn different systems of dolls, sing, dance. It’s very important for them to learn how to make puppets with their hands. They take part in productions as a co-author of Director. Their ideas are embodied in the performances.

The Group is actively involved in the life of their team, travels to festivals and contests. And, of course, young artists dream of new productions, about responsive and empathize viewers.

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